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Fast Brisbane Bee and Wasp Removal with a 12 Month Warranty.

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You notice a swarm of Bees or Wasps buzzing around your house or office. Before they find a new home with you or if they have already moved in, contact Pauls Possum Removal. Owner operator Paul is highly experienced and has been eliminating these winged annoyances for many years. Pauls Possum Removal has the tried-and-true methods, proper equipment and safe chemicals to take care of bee extermination in Brisbane and nearby, in a safe and efficient manner for you.

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Areas of Expertise:

  • Bee/Wasp swarm and hive Extermination done professionally and safely
  • If you have a Bee/Wasp swarm call me now as they are looking for a permanent home and may move into eaves, roof, wall cavities etc, causing major removal problems or dangerous situations
  • IMPORTANT: Duty of Care – don’t risk hobbyist or part-timers who often don’t turn up or just when they can. Over 50% of my calls are from people who have been let down by no-shows! Think of your safety, children, pets, neighbours etc.
  • On tree hive and swarm removals. In tree hive permanent solutions, including tree cutting if required
  • In roofs – Bee/Wasp hives removed permanently, tile and roof sheets handled with care
  • Wall cavities – Bees/Wasps removed exterminated fast & effectively
  • Schools, Offices, Hospitals, Homes, Commercial, Real Estate, Halls, Buildings, Public spaces, Councils etc

Time is important – don’t delay. The hive or Bee/Wasps swarm has ‘Scouts’ looking for a permanent place to settle which is communicated to the Queen Bee/Wasp (this could be in your garden, your eaves, roof, wall cavities etc). This is why you cannot afford to wait for part-timers who turn up if and when it suits them – or then refuse to a job which is a bit difficult (like climbing in roof, up a tree etc) and you are left with the problem!

Full Warranty for all bee services provided!

  • Gardens
  • On tree
  • Walls & wall cavities
  • In roofs
  • Chimney
  • Compost bins etc

Special solution spray prevents Bees permanently from recolonising the next season.

Pauls Possum Removal covers all Brisbane! Available 7 days a week!

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