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Do you have a possum in your roof or wall or between floors in Brisbane? Possums may look cute and cuddly but in most cases become a large headache for most people:

  • Possums can be very noisy, keeping you awake at all hours of the night.
  • Possums faeces & urine can ruin your ceilings, creating sightly yellow stains.
  • Possums can create an unbearable stench should one die in your roof or wall space.
  • Possums can move your insulation around in your ceiling to build their nest that could create a fire hazard & reduce the effectiveness of your insulation.
  • Possums can make your dogs bark at all hours of the night.

For a possum your house is a perfect place to live. All a possum needs to do Is is find a small opening under a roof sheet, eave or overhang, broken tile, chimney or unfinished renovation just to name a few. The smallest hole will be enough for a possum to work their way in and take up residency and the headaches begin, I still amaze customers on a daily basis when I locate and point out possum entry points that the untrained eye over looks!

Should a customer try and remove Possums from roofs themselves?

“No” Possums are a native protected species, and only permit holding possum catchers are by law permitted to use possum traps and then by law must be released nearby within a specified area.

The removal of possums from areas such as your roof takes patience and in most cases requires more than one visit to effectively trap and make your home possum free.

Every opening and gap that a possum could enter your home must be located and possum proofed (blocked)or the possum will find another way in. Nine out of ten Customers request a quote over the phone to remove possums from their home, this is not possible for me to answer over the phone as possum removal requires me to locate all possible entry points and possum proof(block) all entry points then trap and remove the possums, as no two houses are the same I need to come out and have a look over the whole house as there could be many factors such as number of holes and entry points,roof size, access points, access to under or spots where a possum could make another entry point just to name a few. In doing this I can provide a free* accurate quote.

Why choose Pauls Possum Removal to remove your Possums?

  1. Free* quotes to get rid of possums and block off holes.
  2. Fast and effective possum removal using many techniques’ including possum traps
  3. Strong quality proofing and repairs to stop the possums from returning
  4. Genuine 12 month warranty on all possum proofing.
  5. Owner operated dealing directly with Pauls Possum Removal from start to finish
  6. Based in Brisbane, meaning no matter where you are in Brisbane I can remove your possums
  7. Saturday and Sunday appointments available

Any Possum Problems, Hand Catch and Dead Removals also available.

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